ZiZaRi Bowl

A funky, ziggy-zaggy outer surface fizzes with light and shadow.

The inner surface  oozes an oasis of calm with a subtle cascading ripple. The planar rim holds the two distinct surfaces harmoniously together.

A double-walled beauty in bold sumptuous colours.



Ceramic with glossy coloured glaze. Dishwasher safe.  


200 mm (D) x 92mm (H)  



The ZiZaRi bowl is now vailable in 4 colours: Cobalt Blue, Green Celadon, Citrus Yellow, and Brilliant White (not shown).

Regretably Fiery Orange is no longer available.

Single bowl prices start from £34.95 plus p&p. Discounts on multiples, in any colour combination.

Buy in singles, pairs, or a set of 4 bowls from the Online shop.


Wholesale trade prices start at £18.50 plus p&p from 30+ bowls.

For each incremental order of 50+ bowls the wholesale price is discounted 2.5% up to a maximum of 12.5%.

50+ = £18.00/bowl; 100+ = £17.50/bowl; 150+ = £17.00/bowl; 200+ = £16.50/bowl.

£16.00 per bowl is the lowest wholesale price for 250+ bowls.

For wholesale orders only please contact by email or telephone to arrange.  Wholesale BUY


All prices are inclusive of VAT.


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