Torso Vase



A pure, elemental, and spiritual abstraction captures the essence of the human form with transcending gracefulness.

The vibrant colours and shapes of your arranged flowers become a metaphor for the wonders of the human spirit and mind.

An elegant, top edge flair, gracefully recedes to form the interior receptacle.



Material: Fine ceramic with Celadon Green glaze


Processes: Slip-cast and Hand-finishing



30 cm (H) X 14cm (W) X 11 cm (D)





The Torso Vase is available in limited production by individual orders.

Available in 4 colours: Green Celadon, Brilliant White, Citrus Yellow, and Cobalt Blue. Other colours by arrangement.

Single bowl prices start from £49.95 plus p&p. Please allow 4 weeks for delivery from date of order.



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